What is a Probate lawyer?

  • When a person passes away, he or she usually leaves property behind.  This property must be disposed of and distributed in one of two ways: either according to the decedent's last will and testament, or pursuant to the state laws where the person died in the event that the decedent did not have a last will and testament.  A probate lawyer handles the disposition of the property of the decedent (also known as the decedent's estate) in the manner specified in the last will and testament.  A probate lawyer may also handle those instances where there is no last will and testament; in such an instance, the probate lawyer makes sure that the decedent's property is distributed according to the laws of the applicable jurisdiction

The Probate Process

  • The probate process includes not only disposing of a decedent's property, but also handling debts and working out any claims to the estate.  Debts may also include liens against the property, credit card debts, and/or household bills.  

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