Real Estate Law

Purchase and Sale of Real Property (residential or commercial):  We can negotiate and prepare real estate contracts for sale or purchase of residential, industrial, or commercial property.  There are a number of conditions to consider in every real estate transaction, including appraisal, environmental reports, disclosure statements, inspection agreements, financing arrangements, planning/zoning approvals, extension of time to purchase, title reports, title searches, review of title documents (easements, association declaration, restrictions, etc.)  In today's world, it is more than ever buyer beware.

Title Search/Title Report:  A common mistake for most purchasers is an assumption that all title related matters, including easements, right-of-way, driveway restrictions, land-use, restrictions, utility documents, and other unknown documents would be covered under the title insurance or title commitment reports.  In most situations, the title commitment report would list these title related matters as "exceptions" or "subject to" the title of the property being conveyed to the purchase.   It is important that a real estate attorney conducts a complete review of the title report and related documents to allow for the purchaser to object to any condition or document that may impact the use of the property as intended.

Landlord and Tenant Lease Agreement:  We offer legal services in review of lease agreements.  Is the agreement more favorable for the landlord or tenant or is it fair and equitable?  Important considerations all persons should consider before signing or entering into a lease.

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